Live streaming

Live streaming is an increasingly successful trend and a new hit in sports betting. It is advantageous for bettors to watch a match via a live video stream and not only via news and livescore results.

Live video streamSome livescore websites can be difficult to read, slow, or not working, and a match result may only display long after the end of the match. Anyway, I am glad that the number of matches covered by live streaming is increasing as I prefer watching a whole match to checking results every minute. This gives me a better picture of how my favourite is doing during the game. The best live streaming website, in my opinion, is It offers a large number of high quality streams. Another great website is It also offers a large number of high quality streams, which are, in addition, very well-arranged. There should be fewer adds on this website, though. is also among the top live streaming websites. There is of course a great number of other websites that offer live streams. You can easily search for them at, use "live streaming", or "sport live streaming" as keywords to find thousands of links. – is the largest and most widely used live streaming website on the Internet. My overall impression from the website is very good. The website has a simple and well-arranged design, and offers live streams of matches ranging from the lowest leagues to the highest. They offer matches in a few options on various websites. (, etc…) That means if you cannot watch your TV, your TV set is not working, or you do not have permission to watch a certain channel, you can go to this website, watch a stream and enjoy the game. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that this website has changed its name three times in the last few months. Started as, later changed to, and now it is called Let's hope this name won’t change anymore! – is among the most frequently visited live streaming websites. It probably falls in TOP 2 together with offers similar matches as, the only drawback is that it does not enable TV streams. The website only offers match streams, but it is still worth visiting. When compared to, this website is more difficult to navigate, which may be off-putting to some fans. However, it does provide high quality streaming, and, for me, it is arguably among the best on the Internet. – offers a large number of matches via live stream in an amazing quality. It is a smaller local betting agency, which is a drawback, but qualitywise, some of its streams clearly outperform the streams of much bigger betting agencies, e.g. bet365, Bwin, or Unibet. Streaming on this website is not available for all the LIVE bets set, which is another drawback. It also sometimes happens that an available stream cannot be displayed in the whole screen mode. On the other hand, you can switch between a higher and a lower quality streaming which makes it suitable even for those with a low connection speed.