The charm of live bets

Live bets have their specific charm. I discovered it a few years ago, and that occasion is still very lively in my memories.

It was a tennis game that had a favourite and a weaker opponent, I think it was an Australian Open game.  Bookmakers had expected the favourite to win and set the odds accordingly. However, the game was not going according to their expectations and the outsider won the first two sets.  Even though the outsider was already 2:0 up on sets, it was interesting that the bookmakers were very conservative in their assessment and the odds hardly changed. I decided to bet on the outsider if he won his service game at the beginning of the third set. My decision was based on the fact that the outsider had won 2 sets and the odds remained about the same.

The outsider started the third set successfully and won his service game, therefore I placed the bet on him and waited.  The outsider was playing well and broke the favourite's  following service game. At that point the bookmakers realized: the game may easily end up with the favourite's defeat in three sets! At that moment they panicked and reverted the odds. I immediately secured the win with a bet on the favourite.

It is not important that the outsider wasted his opportunity in the end, lost the promising third set and the whole match.   It made me realize that the chances for a successful live bet increase if the actual match development is different from the match development expected by the bookmaker.

What is your opinion on this? Share your experience with us!