Bettor as a bookmaker

A recent betting phenomenon is without doubt Betfair.  The foundation of Betfair brings a revolution to the world of betting.

From now on, bettors do not have to accept bookmakers' bets and can choose between a betting agency and a betting exchange where they can act as a bookmaker and set bets themselves.

In comparison with a common betting agency the betting exchange has some disadvantages and that is why successful bettors only use it for certain activities.
The average odds level at Betfair is slightly lower compared to Pinnacle Sports. This is due to the fact that Betfair charges fees on bets won. You may however find individual bets here that will offer more advantageous odds compared to typical betting agency odds.

Liquidity is not guaranteed on Betfair. You can only bet on the amount set by other bettors-bookmakers. If your bet focuses on a marginal event, be prepared for a very low liquidity.

Betfair is indispensable for live bets. Odds level and the possibility to act as a bettor and a bookmaker at the same time provide completely new options for in-play response.  This results in the establishment of trading as a separate betting phenomenon.
Many bets on Betfair are set by bettors with no professional approach and support therefore errors are easier to be found and exploited.

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Betfair was founded in 2000, currently has over 3 million of registered users, and its website is translated into 17 languages.

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