Bet with an advantage

Betting is primarily a battle between bettors and bookmakers no matter what your point of view is.

It is often a very tough battle, with a tight result. Every decimal point on the odds or every half point on the spread determines the winner. In this battle odds level is of absolutely essential importance. The bookmaker hardly offers odds level at 100%, i.e. 2.0-2.0. He normally keeps a margin which decreases the odds. It is the very margin that may be fatal to your hope of profit.  That is why you should stick to the highest odds level possible when you challenge the bookmaker as this will significantly increase your chances of success.

If you are serious about successful betting, forget about the bets at 1.91-1.91 or even 1.85-1.85 and look for betting agencies with the lowest margin.
You can currently find highest odds levels on Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle Sports often offers bets at an incredible 1.98-1.98!  That is not to say that Pinnacle Sports odds are always the highest, on average, however, they are higher. Pinnacle Sports betting agency was founded in 1998 and today provides its services to customers in more than 100 countries. The agency has a reputation of reliability, offers high limits and fast transactions.

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Every bettor seeks profit. To be successful, the bettor has to eliminate the bookmaker's margin with a highly accurate estimate. If the margin is too high, it is virtually impossible to overcome the bookmaker. So why pay extra? Do you pay extra for no service or value in return in the real life? No, you don’t! Yet, there are bettors who place bets on 1.85-1.85 odds and in some cases even pay fees.

It is very important for beginner bettors to know various betting agencies and their offers and differentiate between advantageous and disadvantageous options.

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